Mutzner, L. , Furrer, V. , Castebrunet, H. , Gernjak, W. , Gromaire, M.-C. , Matzinger, A. , Mikkelsen, P. S. , Selbig, W. , Vezzaro, L. (2021): A data-driven analysis of trace contaminants in wet-weather discharges.

15th International Conference on Urban Drainage - ICUD Melbourne. Online Conference. 25.-28.10.2021


The results highlight 35 contaminants that should be prioritized in regulatory and research monitoring campaigns, thus ensuring that efforts and resources are optimized. The proposed contaminants need to be carefully assessed as country-specific regulations and habits might lead to changes in prioritization. Efforts need to go towards an analysis of different compound classes as one class might not cover much of the toxicity spectrum. The observed high variability and censoring in the collected data leads to high uncertainty for decision making and stresses the importance to redesign future wet-weather monitoring programs.

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