Odours emerging from sewage networks are unpleasant, can cause health impacts on sewer workers and impair public perception of the operator companies. Corrosion is one of the causes for the cost of repairs for damages to wastewater systems in the public sewage network, which are rising extremely [DWA, 2004]. Both phenomena can have their origin in biogenic acid corrosion that is illustrated in this report. The Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin (KWB) commissioned the Technical University Berlin and the Material Testing Institute of Berlin-Brandenburg to give a report on: • State of the art on control systems for odours and corrosion problems in sewer networks, (i) State of the art on sensor technologies for water, gas and corrosion parameters to follow corrosion and H2S production, (ii) Investigation on the feasibility to develop a three-phase model to predict the mass transfer of H2S from water to the gas phase and to the wall of the pipe through the biofilm and (iii) Elaboration of a draft of the functional and technical specifications for a sewer network pilot plant.

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