ULTIMATE aims to showcase circular economy solutions at nine case studies distributed across Europe and Israel for the treatment of industrial wastewater in order to recover water, material and energy. In this frame, 15 laboratory and preparatory experiments and investigations of existing systems are conducted to test the ULTIMATE approaches and based on them, 21 pilot plants are developed and will be demonstrated at the case studies.

Deliverable D1.2 is a demonstrator type deliverable and shows, that the ULTIMATE pilot plants are operational. To document the status for each case study, a presentation containing pictures and/or videos of the operational pilot plant is accessible on the ULTIMATE webpage (https://ultimatewater.eu/demonstration-cases/). This document accompanies the presentations which are meant to be the main evidence for D1.2 and shows the progress until M24.


Ultimate aims to establish and foster water smart industrial symbiosis by implementing circular economy solutions for water, material and energy recovery. The circular economy solutions shall create a win-win situation for both the water sector and the industry. In nine case studies the water sector forms those symbiosis with companies from the agro-food, beverage, petrochemical, chemical and biotech industry.

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