OptiWells-1 Final Synthesis Report

This report concludes the first phase of the project “OptiWells”, which focuses on the optimization of drinking water well field operation with respect to energy efficiency. The purpose of this document is to provide sound answers to questions that utilities and well field operators are facing. Thus, it is built as a thematically organized sequence of main questions and answers rather than an extensive manuscript-like report. In total, 13 questions are addressed in detail, while 3 main “unanswered” questions and issues are detailed at the end of this report. The focus of this report is identical to the project’s focus: it addresses energy efficiency issues within the well field system. Thus, the main area of focus of the project lies in the interactions between the groundwater, the well, the pump and raw water pipe system. Drinking water treatment, as well as water distribution is not included in this study. This document, in combination with the other project deliverables, shall provide an overview of the potential optimizations for drinking water well fields. It shall yield both answers about saving potentials in general, and give some concrete examples from a French well field. By doing so, it shall assist the identification of solutions for an energyefficient groundwater abstraction, and provide a basis for a sound, practical methodology for well field energy audits and assessments.

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