Global Control of Sewage Pump Stations


Within urban development areas domestic and trade wastewater as well as extensive quantities of rainwater dependent on the percentage of impermeability accrue. Since the middle of the 1970s (at first in the USA, later on in Europe, too) real-time control has been applied to manage systematically existing drainage assets and thus to utilise the maximum of the systems capacities. The development of the integrated control of sewer network and wastewater treatment plant has been furthered in the last decade. However, the operational application of the researched control methods especially on large and complex systems is still rare. Due to that reason, the research project EVA is carried out in Berlin aiming at the implementation of a decision support system for the global control of sewage pump stations.


Besides the introduction of the decision support system for the global control of sewage pump stations and storage reservoirs, the following objectives are addressed:

Evaluation of the potential of online radar rainfall measurement and forecast for the support of the pump station operation.

Derivation of strategies for the control and dynamic distribution of wastewater to different wwtps during rain. Definition of the control strategies is carried out by mathematical optimisation based upon an algebraic modelling system.

Identification of indicators for the description of the variable and condition-based performance of wwtps. Examination of a possible integration of the indicators as a boundary condition into the pump station control.


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