Boosting the uptake of innovative solutions in the context of water and circular economy

The quantity and quality of water resources are threatened in many European areas, due to the combined effects of climate change and anthropogenic influences. Even in Europe, 20% of the territory and every third inhabitant are affected by droughts and water scarcity.

The BOOST-IN project aims to develop a successful strategy that promotes technological changes, governance schemes, and shifts in mindset and organizational structures to solve these problems. Better management of the water sector and application of circular economy principles, enabling water reuse and recovery of different materials (e.g. energy, nutrients) can significantly contribute to tackling these challenges. However, implementation of these concepts still faces several barriers: new innovative technologies are still waiting on market uptake, financial incentives are needed, and knowledge still needs to be disseminated to specialists as well as to society to influence positively their perception towards circular economy. BOOST-IN will achieve these goals through the effective identification, selection and transfer of innovative Water Circular Economy Solutions (WACES) to further close and improve the water cycle. The project will develop and apply its approach in six Regions of Opportunity distributed across Europe (Spain, Greece, Germany, France, Italy and Bulgaria) by organizing co-creation workshops to increase public awareness and support for WACES implementation. The workshops will also focus on overcoming barriers overcoming through the design of specific risk management plans. At the EU level, BOOST-IN will create an active network of stakeholders and propose detailed action plans, including different training and education activities targeting water professionals.

To promote and boost a successful market uptake of circular solutions and maximize the impact, the project will provide expertise on suitable business models and develop standardized quality criteria, as well as facilitate links between solution providers and potential investors. Moreover, BOOST-IN will upgrade and benefit from the existing Water Europe Marketplace platform that will enable the projects’ clustering, B2B matchmaking and selections of appropriate WACES solutions for specific user needs.

KWB will mainly contribute to the scouting of innovative WACES, and the extension of Water Europe Marketplace with knowledge and networking opportunities amongst innovators, end users and investors. We will conduct life-cycle assessments of promising new WACES and support the market uptake of WACES through the definition of end-of-waste criteria and product quality standards.

BOOST-IN aims to close the gap between innovative solutions from research and their market uptake to boost the water and circular economy in Europe. This way, BOOST-IN makes an important contribution to tackling the challenges of climate change. 

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