Smart City Consulting

You’re looking at digital urban transformation and wondering how your municipality or company can embrace it? KWB offers a suite of services in the Smart City sector to support you. Our Smart City & Infrastructure team, lead by Dr. Nico Caradot, has extensive experience in strategic and technical Smart City services, working with key clients such as the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Building and the federal state of Berlin.

Our foresight services are rooted in our in-depth expertise and knowledge of the built and natural environment. They address questions such as:

  • What’s the value of foresight in a rapidly changing environment driven by the digital transformation and how does it work in practice?

  • In the face of rapid change, what is ‘resilience’ and what concrete strategies can be deployed to make the sustainable Smart City also resilient?

Both topics are currently led by us as part of the Coordination and Transfer Centre, which provides overarching services to the 72 federally funded Smart City pilot municipalities (total funding 800+ million Euro).

Additional important topics include data governance, digitally enabled asset management and pretty much any interface between the Smart City and the water cycle. Water is everywhere and the opportunities provided by hydroinformatics are immense. Machine learning and artificial intelligence methods are by no means new to us and are already integral to numerous projects and services at KWB. So yes, in-house programming included.

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