@Article{RN74, Author = {Lesjean, B. and Gnirß, R. and Adam, C.}, Journal = {Desalination}, Pages = {217-224}, Title = {Process configurations adapted to membrane bioreactors for enhanced biological phosphorous and nitrogen removal}, Volume = {149}, Year = {2002}, Abstract = {Enhanced biological phosphorous (Bio-P) removal process was adapted to membrane bioreactor(MBR). One bench-scale pilot plant (BSP, 200-250L) and two medium-scale pilot plants (2//MSP,1000-3000L each) were operated under several configurations, including pre-denitrification and post-denitrification without addition of carbon source, and two solid retention times (SRT) of 15 and 26d, inparallel to the full-scale Bio-P removal activated sludge plant of Berlin-Ruhleben (12-18d SRT). Thetrials showed that efficient Bio-P removal can be achieved with MBR systems, in both pre- and post-denitrification configurations. Bio-P dynamics could be clearly demonstrated through batch-tests, online measurements, profile analyses, P-spiking trials, and mass balances. High P-removalperformances were achieved even with high SRT of 26d (around 9mgP/L was removed withP/TS~2.6%). Under similar operation conditions of sludge age and mass organic load, the MBRsystem achieved slightly higher P-removal than the conventional technology. This was due to therejection of particles and colloids through the microfiltration membrane. When spiking with phosphate,high Bio-P removal of up to 35-40mg/L could be achieved without addition of external carbon source,and P/TS stabilised around 7.5%.}, Project = {imf}, En_type = {Journal Article}, Access = {public}, Doi = {10.1016/S0011-9164(02)00762-2}, en_id = {74} }