@Techreport{RN280, Author = {Oldenburg, M.}, Institution = {OtterWasser GmbH}, Title = {Final cost calculation for the demonstration project "Sanitation Concepts for Separate Treatment of Urine, Faeces and Greywater" (SCST)}, Year = {2007}, Abstract = {The discussion of sanitation concept differing from the conventional one, i.e. systems with one sewer system and a central wastewater treatment station, is an ongoing increasing process. These new sanitation concepts have the target of saving and reuse the water as well as the nutrients. The approach of being a more appropriate technology can be demonstrated by life cycle analysis (Peter-Fröhlich et al, 2007). Due to the lack of implementation and long time experiences detailed cost comparison are not available yet. First estimations have been done and have shown a tendency, but detailed investigations have been missing. The results of the SCST-project, which represents an experience of four years implementation and operation of a new sanitation concept, will be used for a cost comparison of different sanitation systems. It is obvious that the prerequisite for a successful implementation beside the technical applicability is the demonstration of the systems benefits. These new sanitation systems will receive only acceptance, when economical benefits or other significant benefits will support their introduction. Therefore studies of cost comparisons are necessary and an important issue.}, Project = {scst}, En_type = {Report}, Access = {public}, Url = {https://publications.kompetenz-wasser.de/pdf/Oldenburg-2007-280.pdf}, en_id = {280} }