@Conference{RN195, Author = {Matzinger, A. and Renoult, T. and Gu├ęgain, C. and Julich, S. and Strube, T. and Orlikowski, D. and Sautjeau, B. and Gr├╝tzmacher, G.}, Booktitle = {CEES Spring Science Meeting, Center for Earth and Environmental Science, Indiana University-Purdue University}, Pages = {1}, Title = {Diffuse pollution and potential mitigation strategies - two case studies within the Aquisafe Project from agriculturally dominated Brittany (France)}, Year = {2008}, Abstract = {The Aquisafe project is a cooperation of the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI, USA), the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA, Germany) and the Berlin Centre of Competence for Water (KWB, Germany). The aim of the project is the development of a scheme for natural mitigation zones to protect surface waters from diffuse pollution in rural and semi-rural environments. In particular, key contaminants, applicable management and modelling tools and potential substance removal by constructed wetlands or riparian zones are being studied. Within these frameworks, two case studies are carried out in Brittany, the number one agricultural region in France. A hydrological model is currently being applied on the Ic catchment (92 km2) to test its capability of (i) understanding hydrological, basin-scale regimes, (ii) predicting the effect of mitigation measures and (iii) distinguishing diffusion pathways for different types of contaminants. In the second case study, a constructed wetland in Iffendic on the River Meu is monitored as an example of a natural and inexpensive mitigation option. On the way through the wetland nitrate concentrations from drainage inflows to the river decreased more than tenfold. In the ongoing monitoring, knowledge on hydrological flowpaths is improved to be able to quantify the retention potential of constructed wetlands in Brittany for nitrate and other agriculturally-based pollutants, such as pesticides.}, Project = {aquisafe-1}, En_type = {Conference Paper}, Access = {public}, en_id = {195} }