@Conference{RN132, Author = {Massmann, G. and D├╝nnbier, U. and Greskowiak, J. and Knappe, A. and Pekdeger, A.}, Booktitle = {Groundwater Quality}, Pages = {12}, Title = {Investigating surface water - groundwater interactions with the help of sewage indicators in Berlin, Germany}, Year = {2004}, Abstract = {In Berlin, 70 % of the drinkinq water is derived from bank filtrate or artificially recharged water. Because the surface water system contains elevated proportions of secondary treated municipal sewage, a number of sewage indicators from various sources can be detected in the bank filtrate. An artificial recharge site and a bank filtration site in Berlin Tegel are introduced and compared in terms of their hydrogeological and hydrochemical properties. Because of a permanent clogging layer and the geological properties, travel times are slower at the BF site and the hydrochemical conditions are more reducing. First estimates for the reaction rate constants of oxygen and nitrate are obtained with exponential data fitting. Some of the effects of the different redox conditions on minor substances such as drug residues are highlighted.}, Project = {nasri}, En_type = {Conference Paper}, Access = {public}, en_id = {132} }