@Techreport{RN1311, Author = {Kleyböcker, A. and Bruni, C. and Naves Arnaldos, A. and Casas Garriga, S. and Fantone, F. and van den Broeke, J. and Iossifidis, D. and Gimenez Lorang, A. and Sabbah, I. and Pidou, M. and Reguer, A. and Lundgaard, L. and Bendix Larsen, S.}, Institution = {Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin gGmbH}, Month = {05}, Number = {D1.1}, Title = {Deliverable 1.1 Assessment of baseline conditions for all case studies (Grant Agreement No. 869318)}, Type = {Deliverable}, Year = {2021}, Abstract = {Ultimate aims to establish and foster water smart industrial symbiosis by implementing circular economy solutions for water, material and energy recovery. The circular economy solutions shall create a win-win situation for both the water sector and the industry. In nine case studies the water sector forms those symbiosis with companies from the agro-food, beverage, petrochemical, chemical and biotech industry.}, Project = {ultimate}, En_type = {Report}, Date = {2021-05-31}, Url = {https://publications.kompetenz-wasser.de/pdf/Kleyböcker-2021-1311.pdf}, Access = {public}, en_id = {1311} }