@Inbook{RN1304, Address = {Berlin}, Author = {Kraus, F. and Conzelmann, L.}, Booktitle = {Verwertung von Klärschlamm 3}, Editor = {Holm, O. and Thomé-Kozmiensky, E. and Quicker, P. and Kopp-Assenmacher, S.}, Pages = {438-449}, Publisher = {Thomé-Kozmiensky Verlag GmbH}, Title = {Marktpotential und Logistik beim P-Recycling}, Year = {2020}, Abstract = {The sewage sludge ordinance forces wastewater treatment plants to ensure the recovery of phosphate from the produced sewage sludge. In most cases, this obligation is transferred to the company in charge of the sludge disposal. For the recovery process, technology-specific but not product-specific specifications are made. The present article gives an overview of the products of different processes and their possible marketing in two routes: direct marketing and integration into the fertilizer industry. Possibilities, limits, requirements and potential product revenues for selected products are discussed against the background of current world market prices. Finally, the chemical expenditure of certain processes and logistical considerations are addressed. The considerations suggest that wet chemical ash processes should best be integrated in chemical parks.}, Project = {bephor}, Access = {public}, En_type = {Book Section}, en_id = {1304} }