@Techreport{RN1179, Author = {Wiese, B. and Gr├╝tzmacher, G.}, Institution = {Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin gGmbH}, Title = {Substances to be Targeted in Laboratory and Technical Scale Experiments Project OXIRED, Deliverable 1.1a - Interim Report Phase 1}, Year = {2009}, Abstract = {The combination of advanced oxidation (e.g. ozonation) and subsurface passage could overcome known limitations of MAR techniques with respect to dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and trace organics removal. The objective of the OXIRED project is to assess possibilities and limitations as well as practicability and technical feasibility of different combinations of advanced oxidation and subsurface passage with respect to this topic. As part of the first project phase, existing data on subsurface removal of organic trace substances was evaluated in order to identify substances that should be targeted in laboratory and technical scale experiments. This report summarizes the outcomes of this evaluation.}, Project = {oxired-1}, En_type = {Report}, Access = {public}, Url = {https://publications.kompetenz-wasser.de/pdf/Wiese-2009-1179.pdf}, en_id = {1179} }