@Article{RN1116, Author = {Winker, M. and Frick-Trzebitzky, F. and Matzinger, A. and Schramm, E. and Stieß, I.}, Journal = {KW Korrespondenz Wasserwirtschaft}, Pages = {650-655}, Title = {Abschwächung von Klimafolgen bei erhöhter Lebensqualität in der Stadt – das Potenzial von gekoppelten blau-grün-grauen Infrastrukturen}, Volume = {11}, Year = {2019}, Abstract = {Technical municipal water infrastructure, urban green areas and urban water bodies can be brought together in an optimized manner to deliver sustainable management of rainwater and domestic wastewater. Moreover, this approach allows urban areas to be designed in a way that leverages ecosystem services that reduce thermal load and thus contributes to a better quality of life despite climate change. To this end, suitable moduls from green and blue infrastructure have been rated in terms of their potential and explained using examples. By defly coupling these elements, their respective strengths can be pooled to unlock synergies. Integrated planning processes that may adopt different approaches help to weaken the impacts of climate change and allow the development of the different infrastructures to be more closely interlinked.}, Project = {networks4}, En_type = {Journal Article}, Access = {public}, en_id = {1116} }