@Techreport{RN1093, Author = {Olsson, P. and Pellicer-Nàcher, C. and Schubert, R.-L.}, Institution = {Hydrotech}, Title = {D 1.2: Design and performance of advanced primary treatment with microscreen}, Type = {Report}, Year = {2018}, Abstract = {This deliverable describes Guidelines for design and operation of advanced primary treatment with microscreen. Technical speci-fications including pre-treatment, mesh size, hydraulic velocity, chemicals (substances, doses, contact times), operational re-quirements (backwash, cleaning) and operational performanc-es (removal rates, backwash sludge quantity and quality) are presented with data gained from the two Case study site trials in Westewitz (Germany) and Sjölunda (Sweden)..}, Project = {powerstep}, En_type = {Report}, Access = {public}, Url = {https://publications.kompetenz-wasser.de/pdf/Olsson-2018-1093.pdf}, en_id = {1093} }